Understanding Legal Agreements and Concepts

Rappin’ About Legal Jargon

Yo, check it, it’s time to break down the legal game

From Amazon Web Service to the Good Friday dame

Let’s start with the Amazon Web Service agreement y’all

Legal considerations, gotta stand tall

Next up, the Good Friday Agreement DUP in the mix

Understanding the legalistic, gotta get those kicks

What’s the legal definition of ADHD, let’s take a peek

Hubble’s law, what does it state, it’s not Greek

Tune in to Law and Crime Trial Network on Directv

Gotta know the law, gotta stay in check

If you’re studying law, gotta get those law LLB notes down

Under Armour got legal jobs for y’all in town

Buying tax liens in Indiana, how does it go

Understanding sub-merchant agreements, getting that legal flow

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